MAGNETI MARELLI 12V 6Ah BATTERY YTZ7S-BS AGM TECHNOLOGY-MAINTENANCE FREE More information MAGNETI MARELLI YTZ7S BATTERY-BS (SEALED WITH ACID SUPPLIED) Inrush current A/EN: 130 Amps Capacity AH (20hr): 6 Voltage: 12 Weight: < span class = notranslate ' > 1.70 kg Volume of acid: < span class = notranslate ' > 0.33 liters Charging current: < span class = notranslate ' > 0.00 Amperes Dimensions (mm): 113 x 70 x 105 Manufacturer: MAGNETIC MARELLI Camping details Motorcycle batteries MAGNETI MARELLI BK without MAINTENANCE – AGM TECHNOLOGY AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology is an innovative system used by MAGNETI MARELLI. Once the acid within the battery, this remains hermetically sealed, so no one will ever again the need for pesky replenishment Dry charged version with accompanying acid For absence of free acid High inrush current Does not require topping up Low self discharge No acid leakage Greater vibration resistance and corrosion resistance Increased service life MAIN APPLICATIONS (IT IS RECOMMENDED TO CHECK THE BATTERY SYMBOL)
BMW G SMR 450 2009-2010
BMW G 450 X 2008-2012
BMW HP4 (K42) 1000 2012-2015
Gas Gas EC 200 2T 2014-2015
Gas Gas EC/EC F 4T 250 2010-2015
Gas Gas EC 2T 250 2014-2015
Gas Gas 2T EC 300 2014-2015
Gas Gas EC F 4T 300 2012-2015
Gas Gas 400 FSE EC 2003-2009
Gas Gas EC F 4T 450 2012-2015
Gas Gas EC 450 FSE 2002-2012
Gas Gas SM 450 FSE 2003-2009
Gas Gas FSR 450 EC 2008-2009
Gas Gas FSR SM 450 2008-2009
Gas Gas Ericpamintuan 450 2007-2008
Gas Gas WILD H.P. 450 2003-2006
Gas Gas FSR 515 EC 2008-2009
Gas Gas 515 FSR SM 2008-2009
HM CRE 125 ROTAX B 2T (B125) 2011-2013
HM CRE F X 4T 125 (YAMAHA) 2008-2010
HM CRE F X 125 4T BAJA (YAMAHA) 2010-2012
HM CRE F X BAJA RR 4T 125 (YAMAHA) 2010-2012
HM CRE F X SIX 125 4T (YAMAHA) 2010-2011
HM CRM F X 4T 125 (YAMAHA) 2008-2010
HM CRM F X DERAPAGE 4T 125 (YAMAHA) 2010-2012
HM CRM F X DERAPAGE RR 4T 125 (YAMAHA) 2010-2012
HM TRAIL LOCUST 4T (YAMAHA) 125 2011-2013
HM TRAIL LOCUST 4T (YAMAHA) 200 2011-2013
HM CRE F X 500 2005-2009
HONDA NPS 50 ZOOMER (AF66) 2005-2012
HONDA CBR 125 R (S4072/J39) 2004-2011
HONDA PCX (JF2811) 125 2010-2012
HONDA PCX 125 (JF2812/JF4711/JF5711) 2012-2014
HONDA SH IE (JF41E) 125 2013-2014
HONDA SH IE ABS (JF41A) 125 2013-2016
HONDA SH MODE (ANC125) (JF51A) 125 2014-2016
HONDA SH MODE (ANC125) (JF71A) 125 2017-2018
HONDA VT 125 C SHADOW 2001-2003
HONDA XLV VARADERO 125 2001-2011
HONDA PCX 150 2012-2014
HONDA SH IE (KF13E) 150 2013-2014
HONDA SH IE ABS (KF13E) 150 2013-2016
HONDA CRF X 450 (PE06) 2005-2017
HONDA TRX ER SPORTRAX (ER6/ER9) 450 2006-2014
HONDA TRX 450 R SPORTRAX (R4/R9) 2004-2009
HONDA CB 600 F HORNET (PC34) 2002-2002
HONDA CB 600 F HORNET (PC34) 2002-2002
HONDA CBR 1000 RR Fireblade (SC59A) 2008-2016
HONDA CBR 1000 RR FIREBLADE (SC77A) 2017-2017
HONDA CBR 1000 RR Fireblade SP (SC59E) 2014-2016
Husaberg FE 70 ¡ 390 ENGINE 2009-2012
Husaberg FE 70 ¡ ENGINE 450 2009-2011
Husaberg FE 450 E 2008-2008
Husaberg FX 70 ¡ ENGINE 450 2010-2011
Husaberg FE 550 2004-2008
Husaberg FS AND 550 2004-2008
Husaberg FE 570 70 ¡ ENGINE 2009-2012
Husaberg FE 650 E 2004-2008
Husaberg FS 650 C 2005-2008
Husaberg FS AND 650 2004-2007
Husqvarna SM R 250 2005-2007
Husqvarna TE 4T 250 2002-2013
Husqvarna TXC 250 CROSS COUNTRY 2008-2013
Husqvarna TE 4T 310 2009-2013
Husqvarna TXC CROSS COUNTRY 310 2012-2013
Husqvarna SM 400 R 2002-2002
Husqvarna SM R 449 2011-2013
Husqvarna TE 449 2011-2013
Husqvarna TXC CROSS COUNTRY 449 2011-2013
Husqvarna 450 SM R 2003-2010
Husqvarna SM RR (H222AB7V0/HA222AB8V0/HA222AB9V) 450 2006-2010
Husqvarna TE 450 2002-2010
Husqvarna TXC 450 XC 2008-2010
Husqvarna SM 510 R 2005-2010
Husqvarna TC 510 2009-2010
Husqvarna TE 510 2004-2010
Husqvarna YOU R 510 2004-2004
Husqvarna TXC 510 CROSS COUNTRY 2008-2008
Husqvarna SM R 511 2011-2013
Husqvarna TE 511 2011-2013
Husqvarna TXC CROSS COUNTRY 511 2011-2013
Husqvarna 530 RR SM (HA224AB9V0) 2009-2010
Kawasaki KLX 450 R 2007-2015
Kawasaki ZX10R NINJA (JBF > JFF) (ZXT00JJA) 1000 2011-2015
KTM DUKE 4T 125 2010-2018
Rieju Marathon 250 2009-2010
Rieju Marathon 450 2009-2010
SUZUKI DR-Z 250 2001-2007
Yamaha DT KING (1D0/1D04) 125 2005-2006
Yamaha DT X SUPERMOTARD (2C81/2C82) 125 2005-2006
Yamaha TW/TW 125 R-S 2004-2004
Yamaha XVS drag star 125 2000-2004
Yamaha WR 250 F 2008-2018
Yamaha WR 250 R 4T (DG201) 2008-2013
Yamaha WR X 4T (DG202) 250 2008-2012
Yamaha XG tricker 250 2005-2007
Yamaha XVS drag star 250 2001-2004
Yamaha YFM R RAPTOR 250 2008-2009
Yamaha WR 450 F 2003-2018
Yamaha YFZ 450 R 2009-2015
Yamaha YFZ 450 X 2010-2010
Yamaha YZF R6 R (RJ155 RJ156 RJ152 RJ151///RJ11/) 600 2017-2018
Yamaha YZF R1 (RN321) (2CR) 1000 2015-2018
Yamaha YZF R1M (RN326) (2KS) 1000 2015-2017
  PAGAMENTO spedizione refunds Feedback CONTACTS Payment must be made within 4 working days following conclusion of the purchase.The methods of payment accepted are: PayPal bonifico bancario.. (extra < span class = notranslate ' > 5.00 EUR) Borrozzinomoto undertakes to observe the current regulations on distance selling. All prices are to be understood to the public and, therefore, VAT.For purchases with VAT number, the invoice request must be sent to the payment stage between the notes to seller or upon order via Messaging. For motifivi tax registrations, subsequent requests (the day following the order or higher) will be rejected.The preparation of the order requires approximately 1-2 working days starting from the first working day after the date of registration of the purchase. Delivery takes place within the 24/48 hours, Saturday and Sunday excluded via couriers GLS O DHL.The goods are sent to the address indicated at the time of confirmation of payment. We do not accept orders with a delivery address via email and shipping addresses to PO boxes. We do not accept orders with delivery at post offices or similar organizations unless the recipient is employed at these facilities.The tracking code is loaded always in any order and you will be notified either through email. If your parcel is in stock we will notify you and to do everything in ns. to overcome the impasse.In accordance with art. 52 of Legislative Decree n. 206 of 6 September 2005 (consumers ' code), as amended by Legislative Decree n° 2014 21 you are entitled to withdraw from the contract without penalty and without giving any reason for a period of fourteen (14) days from the day on which you receive the products. All you have to do is give us news of your intention to terminate the contract through the messaging and we will provide you with all the instructions. The right to withdraw from the contract does not apply if you have purchased products tailored or customized.The return to the originator of the product is your responsibility and your responsibility and can be performed using the carrier of your choice. Within (14) fourteen days after your return event (article 57 code of consumption) you must return the goods intact, labeled and in their original packaging, if any, (plastic bag or box depending on the type of article), attaching inside the package on delivery note.Your return will be refunded within 14 days from the moment we will be informed of your decision to exercise the right of withdrawal. We reserve the right however to withhold the reimbursement until the merchandise arrives at our warehouse, pursuant to art. 56 of the consumer code, as amended by the Legislative Decree of 21 February 2014 # 21.If you received a defective product please contact us as soon as possible through the messaging and we will provide directions to a possible replacement or pick up at our expense.If the item received is not as ordered, we ask that you do not open the package and contact us.You are liable for any diminished value of the goods resulting from the handling other than what is necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods. Therefore, if the goods are returned damaged (such as on the label of authenticity and safety seal, wear, abrasion, scuffing, scratching, warping, etc.), do not complete their fixtures and fittings (including labels and tags intact and attached to the product), not accompanied by the instructions/notes/Manual attachments, from packaging and original packaging and certificate of guarantee, if any, will you answer the diminishing value of asset well, and you will be entitled to a refund of the amount equal to the residual value of the product. To this end, therefore, you are urged not to manipulate the good beyond what is strictly necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and operation thereof and coat the original packaging of the products with other protective packaging that preserves integrity and protect it during transport also from written or labels.Feedback is very important to us and helps us to provide a better service to buyers.Please contact us with any issue before leaving negative or neutral feedback.To stay up to date with our latest news and promotions, you'll want to follow our BorrozzinoMoto shop. : + 39 < span class = notranslate ' > 0823.799097 Or write us using the messaging, we will reply as soon as possible.

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